Located in the heart of downtown Spokane, Washington, Boswell Law Firm is a boutique legal services firm with over 20 years’ experience practicing real estate law throughout the entire state of Washington as well as the greater Pacific Northwest.  Boswell Law Firm specializes in the constellation of real property disputes and controversies generally not handled by other firms or attorneys.


To provide high quality, zealous representation for all clients from the initial consultation through all stages of trial practice and appeal and endeavoring to resolve disputes between parties realistically, with an emphasis on personal and professional integrity.

Primary Areas of Practice:

Real Estate Law

Real property disputes and real estate law in general deals with anything related to defining real property and the legality surrounding land use. These cases can fall under the designation of any number of categories within the larger real estate law umbrella from Timber Trespass to Adverse Possession to Easement Disputes. Boswell Law Firm excels in the constellation of real property disputes and controversies generally not handled by other law firms or attorneys.

Construction Law

Construction Law cases can arise for a number of reasons, but most commonly they occur when a construction project incurs damages upon an adjacent property owner who can be rewarded a settlement for said damages. In the reverse scenario, construction companies as well as contractors often require the services of a Construction Law Firm in order to protect them from erroneous claims by people inconvenienced, but not damaged, by their activity.

Personal Injury

Personal injury cases arise most frequently when there is an accident in which injury is suffered by a person, when there is failure by an offending party to use reasonable care. There is also a cross-section between Real Estate Law and Personal Injury Law in which real property owners may be liable for injury occurring on their property. Boswell Law Firm handles all forms of personal injury cases; if you want more information on personal injury law, please visit the “Practice Areas” page.



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